Advanced Git, methodologies and workflows

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  1. Advanced commands
    • stash, to allow for quick switching of work.
    • rebase, to make history smoother.
    • bisect, to quickly find the change that broke the code.
    • Revert changes
    • Cherry Picking
    • Interactive commit
    • Interactive rebase
    • Squashing commits
    • Advanced log history searches
    • Building custom command using aliases
    • Fix failed and abandoned merge
  2. Introducing several methodologies, discussing the advantages and disadvantages of them.
    • Single master centralized workflow.
    • Short feature branches.
    • Long feature branches with frequent rebase.
    • GitFlow (feature branches, bug-fix branches, development branch, release branch)
    • Forking workflow with multiple remote repositories.
    • Working with Pull-requests.


Contact: Gabor Szabo
Phone: +972-54-4624648