Advanced Python Programming

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Course Format


  1. Data types advanced programming techniques
    • Advanced uses of built-in data types (including slices on sequences).
    • Functional programming (lambda, map, reduce, filter, zip).
    • Comprehensions (list, dictionary, and set).
  2. Object Oriented Programming in Python
    • Objects in Python
    • Classes
    • Instances
    • Scoping issues
    • Class methods
    • Instance methods
    • Properties
    • Overloading (with and without the operator module).
  3. Iterators and Generators
    • Iterators (including sorted and reversed, and use of itertools)
    • Generators (including generator comprehensions and pipelines)
    • Decorators
  4. Advanced programming techniques
    • Unit Test Framework (brief introduction)
    • The 'with' statement
    • Optimizing Python code
    • Design patterns
    • Forks to processes and threads
    • Networking, Servers & Clients - time permitting
    • Asynchronous programming in Python
  5. Web development
    • Web development using WSGI
    • Web development using Flask


Contact: Gabor Szabo
Phone: +972-54-4624648