Web application development with Python Flask

Flask is one of the most popular web frameworks in Python. It is a light-weight micro-framework that makes it very easy to start writing web applications, but it is also feature rich so you can create complex applications. In this course we'll start from a basic application just to display Hello World. Then we are going to learn how to create user interaction with the back-end. We'll learn how to use both SQL and NoSQL as the back-end database of the application. By the end of the course you'll be able to create the back-end of impressive web applications.

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Course Format



  1. Introduction
    • Installing Flask on Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX
    • Hello World with Flask
    • Introduction to routes
    • Accepting input from the user (GET, POST)
    • Handling Query String
    • Handling HTML forms
    • Flexible routes to create nice URLs
    • Developing Flask inside a Docker container
    • Login system, sessions management, cookies
    • Introduction to HTML
    • Introduction to CSS
    • Creating a REST API with Flask
    • Returning JSON instead of HTML
    • Accepting JSON as input
    • Creating nice 404 page
    • Returning 404 and other error codes
    • Redirection
    • Testing our Flask-based web application
    • Using Redis as a cache
    • Sending email from Flask
    • Deploying a Flask based application to the cloud
    • Setting up Flask with Nginx and Uwsgi
  2. Templates
    • Introduction to the Jinja templating system of Flask
    • Individual variables
    • Conditionals
    • Loops
    • Include other templates
    • Inheritance from a base template
  3. Relational Database (SQL)
    • Quick overview
    • Creating a simple schema
    • Creating the database (SQLite)
    • Accessing SQL database
    • Inserting data into the database
    • Fetching data from the database
    • Updating data
    • Deleting data
  4. NoSQL Database (MongoDB)
    • Quick introduction
    • Installing MongoDB
    • Connecting to the database
    • Inserting data into the database
    • Fetching data from the database
    • Updating data
    • Deleting data
  5. Bootstrap Front-end
    • Install Bootstrap
    • Combining Bootstrap with our templating system
  6. Sample Applications
    • TODO list application
    • URL shortener
    • An interactive game



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Web application development with Python Flask