This course will help you get started using GitHub for version control. It is good for people who have used other version control tools and also for people who have never used any cloud-based version control system. This course provides the necessary knowledge to get started using GitHub.

Target Audience



Course Format


  1. About GitHub
    • What is GitHub
    • Creating an account
  2. Issues
    • What are Issues
    • Opening an Issue
    • Tagging issues
    • Searching for issues
  3. Markdown used by GitHub
    • Basic Markdown format
    • Referencing commits
    • Referencing issues and Pull-Requests
  4. Working with branches
    • Branching
    • Merging
    • Conflict resolution
    • Tagging
  5. Working with a remote repository
    • Forking
    • Pull-Requests
    • Cloning a remote repository
    • pull
    • push
  6. CI/CD with Github Actions
    • Creating the first workflow
    • Select your container
    • Choose your language(s)
    • Build matrix
    • Compiling code
    • Running tests
    • Reporting
    • Secrets


Contact: Gabor Szabo
Phone: +972-54-4624648