Getting started with Google Cloud

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  1. Getting started with GCP
    • Overview - GCP services
    • Google Compute Engine - VPS
    • Google Storage
    • Googel Cloud SQL
    • Google Functions
    • Creating your GCP account
    • Using GCP Free of charge
  2. Google Compute Engine
    • Available machine types and how to configure them.
    • Creating and configuring virtual machines
    • Connecting to the virtual machine
    • Private IP / Public IP
    • Ephemeral IP vs fixed IP
  3. Data Storage in GCP
    • What are buckets
    • Using gs to save files
    • Store, retrive files
  4. Managed SQL databases in Google cloud
    • Creating a manage database in the cloud
    • Accessing the database


Contact: Gabor Szabo
Phone: +972-54-4624648