Programming Perl

Target Audience



Course Format


  1. Introduction
    • History, how to install Perl, how to run scripts
    • Syntax of the language
    • Basic I/O
    • Scalar values and variables (numbers and strings)
    • Control flow
    • Lists and arrays (context)
    • Hash (associative arrays)
    • Functions, subroutines
    • Accessing files
    • Interaction with the file system
    • Error handling
    • Regular Expressions
    • Using references
    • Using modules
    • Using OOP style
    • Installing modules on UNIX/Linux and on Windows systems
    • Database access, cleaning up old records from the database
    • Generating reports on daily activity
    • Sending e-mail reports
    • Converting Excel or CSV files to database rows and vice verse
    • Converting Excel files to XML and vice verse
    • Cleaning up temporary files
    • Backup of database and the file system used by the application


Contact: Gabor Szabo
Phone: +972-54-4624648