Testing and test-automation in Python

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  1. Details
    • Short review of rhe Unit-test package and doctest.
    • Getting started with testing: top-down and bottom-up.
    • The rest of the course covers Pytest:
    • Setup
    • Test a module
    • Capture Standard output and standard error
    • Skipping irrelevant tests
    • Tests that are expected to fail
    • Setup and teardown methods
    • Fixtures
    • Creating your own fixtures
    • Separating test executions
    • Parallel test run
    • Testing web applications
    • Creating and understanding test coverage
    • Faking an external API
    • Testing error conditions
    • Verifying the proper exceptions are raised.
    • Testing how the application behaves when a third-party API breaks.
    • Faking random numbers for testing


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