Host Local G.S. Ltd.
Perl, Python, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Linux, NoSQL, Git, Subversion training

Hostlocal Ltd. is the registered business name of Gabor Szabo. Usually I provide the services on my own but for specific projects I join forces with people who can contribute to the success of the project. Hence I use plural when I am talking about what we can provide.

Hostlocal Ltd. provides quality web development, system administration and Perl training
We also provide web hosting to our clients (hence the name Hostlocal).

Web development
Connecting existing databases to the Inernet.
CGI programming.
Web design.
Suggesting ways how to improve current web strategy with database driven interactive web services.

Perl training
Perl has been the language of choice for most system administration task and web back end development tasks.

System and Network administration
Starting from the setup of a network of several computers and connecting them to the Internet through full scale network and system administration till maintenance of public web and mail servers.