Infrastructure Management

We provide services in the setup and maintenance in all areas of Computer Infrastructure Management, specifically for the following applications:
  • Internet connection
    for the whole office on a single modem/ISDN/ADSL connection or on Frame Relay or Sifranet.
    (We provide the all the help needed with the various providers like Barak, Netvision, Internet Zahav etc.)

  • Firewall
    Even if you only have a single dial-up connection with a modem your computers are vulnarable to attacks from the Internet. In order to secure your computers and the data on it we can setup a firewall for you and we keep it up-to date so you don't need to worry about the thousends of script-kids whom are out there and want to break into your computers just for fun.

  • Mail server
    We can setup a mail server in your office or we can keep your mail on our servers. From now on every one in the office can have his own e-mail address and you won't have to pay for each address separately.

  • File server
    If you would like to keep all your data on a single central machine so it can easily backed up you'll need a file server.

  • Local Network
    Connect your computers into a single network in the office.

  • Remote Administration
    Most of the administrative tasks we'll be able to without comming to your office. This saves time and money for you.